Emirates Glass Celebrates Ramadan and its Traditions with Delightful Iftar

(June 14, 2018) – The Iftar gathering brought together all the executive staff and factory workers of  Emirates Glass and Lumi Glass Industries, who enjoyed the ritual of breaking the fast together, nourishing body and soul with delicious food and excellent company. More than 400 people, their significant others and families joined their colleagues in attending the traditional Iftar Dinner. Far away from work and projects, staff and factory workers reconnected during this special time, sharing personal news, as well as perspectives on the business environment, and rekindling memories of working together.


Mr. Rizwanulla Khan – Executive President, Emirates Glass, Lumi Glass and SAG, welcomed Mr. S. Krishnamurthy, COO, Dubai Investments, Mr. Ahmed Al Shared- Operations Manager, Dubai Investments and; department managers, unit heads & staff, as well as their families and the factory workers.


He addressed the crowd with an interesting insight about how fasting in Ramadan benefits the human body and saves it from numerous life threatening diseases. Mr. Rizwan also emphasized about the real essence of fasting which is way beyond abstaining from eating and drinking– but from lying, bad morals and behaviors. He said, “Fasting is supposed to make you a better person for yourself and the people around you. It has to train you for controlling your whims/desires and basic needs, with a strength, willpower and determination to do it, or to change. Fasting is a balance between the body and soul”.


“We are very appreciative of all Emirates Glass and Lumi Glass employees and want to commemorate the Year of Zayed by announcing year-end bonuses to all employees. Our employees are “our family”, they are the main shareholders of the company and we felt it appropriate to provide a more direct recognition of their importance to Emirates Glass success.  The bonuses are possible due to the company’s robust financial performance in 2017 and strong confidence in the growing economy.


Also speaking at the event, Mr. Ahmed Al Shared congratulated the event attendees as it invokes traditions that are in line with the religious customs of the region, and emphasized that organizing such events or meetings is aimed at enhancing good relationships among staff members on all managerial levels, disseminating sense of cooperation and fraternity amongst the Company employees. He also added that Ramadan is a time of charity and distributed Suhoor food boxes to the Emirates Glass and Lumi Glass factory workers.

The Emirates Glass Iftar dinner won much admiration from the attendees. The guests were much impressed as they relished a traditional and truly sumptuous Iftar buffet complemented with Arabic, Indian and Chinese cuisine, assorted juices and mouth melting desserts.


The 2018 corporate Iftar gathering of Emirates Glass provided the ideal setting amongst their families and groups to preserve the tradition while enjoying their time together in a comfortable and relaxed environment.







Emirates Glass Conducts Training for Al Ghurair Construction Aluminium LLC

Emirates Glass, a subsidiary of Dubai Investments, is one of the leading architectural glass providers in the Middle East region and is dedicated on becoming a center of learning by offering numerous training programs.  This time the company hosted Al Ghurair Construction Aluminum for a one- day training program on the Glass Technical Training Level – 1.


Emirates Glass LLC, not only provides its customers with the most modern architectural glass units but also offers numerous training programs for them to learn and understand more about the glass and glazing processing and industry works to equip them with advanced skills.


Emirates Glass LLC conducted a customized training for Al Ghurair Construction Aluminium LLC. It served as a platform for both the companies to exchange glass related information and ideas. It was designed in a manner so Al Ghurair Construction Aluminium LLC’s team members can also achieve a high degree of quality and accuracy to deliver more efficient glass installations on site.


Al Ghurair Construction Aluminium LLC consists of 100 team members who will attend the training in three groups. Once all the groups of the training are finished, a certificate distribution ceremony will be organized where Mr. Rizwanulla Khan – Executive President, Emirates Glass will distribute the certificates to all the attendees.  The first group has just finished their Level 1 of Glass Technical Training. The full day training included presentations about glass manufacturing and processing and a factory tour at the Emirates Glass’ processing plant in Al Quoz.


The training started off by the glass manufacturing process which was explained by the Emirates Float Glass team member, Mr. Paul Medawar. He also displayed videos about the centuries old ways and tradition of making of glass and how it has evolved over the years. The Technical Marketing Team at Emirates Glass explained about the different properties related to glass and how each of these factors play an important role in the determination of glass selection in the Middle East. The estimation team and their head, Mr. Cyrus Garcia, discussed the glass processing capabilities limitations. Mr. Marco Kohs, Coating Manager at Emirates Glass did a presentation on the technical superiority of MSVD (magnetron sputter vacuum deposition coatings) vis-à-vis online coatings.  He explained the coating process in great detail and how the refractive indices of the target materials play a significant role in their selection in the MSVD coating process. He also described the reflectance properties of glass at different wavelengths which in turn affect the visual appearance as well as the thermal properties of the glass panel. Lastly, the factory tour was conducted by Mr. Sandeep that allowed the participants to get the first-hand knowledge and experience of the glass processing and coatings.


Al Ghurair Construction Aluminium LLC have been working together with Emirates Glass for the past 20 years. The company has an in-depth knowledge of developing a vast range of customized façade systems. Over the years, they have executed a number of complex designs including long-span canopies, 3D free-form structures, triangle-shaped façades, twisted structures and several other non-standard and customized façades. They also have fully equipped production facilities of over 20,000 square meters in Dubai and 2,000 square meters in KSA. The facilities are complete with assembly lines and world-class machinery primarily from Germany, Italy and Holland, some of which are exclusive to Al Ghurair Construction Aluminium in the UAE.


Emirates Glass is conducting these trainings to uphold its corporate social responsibilities as it strives to scale greater heights with an aim to build a sustainable and growing enterprise.