Emirates Glass LLC, a subsidiary of Dubai Investments PJSC, is one of the largest processors of flat architectural glass in the Middle East. Established in 1998 in Al Quoz Industrial Area in Dubai, Emirates Glass is the leading supplier of sputter-coated energy saving glass across the Gulf, with presence in markets across the globe.

Emirates Glass is part of Glass LLC, the first glass holding company in the Middle East wholly owned by Dubai Investments. The other companies in Glass LLC are Emirates Float Glass, Lumiglass Industries, Saudi American Glass and Emirates Insolaire.

At the heart of the Emirates Glass operation is the manufacture of MSVD high performance glass under the EmiCool® range of solar control, multi-functional Low-E and Standard Low-E glass designed to minimize solar heat gain into air-con­ditioned buildings in the Gulf environment.

Starting from Leybold (Germany) 6-cathode coating line with a loading-bed of 2440mm x 3600mm and an annual capacity of 750,000sqm of MSVD sputter-coated glass, Emirates Glass have now progressed to a 20 cathode line from Messrs Applied Materials GmbH (formerly Leybold, Germany), a loading bed of 3000 x 6000mm and an annual capacity of 3,500,000sqm of MSVD sputter-coated glass. This addition enabled Emirates Glass to enter a new and extensive market of post-temperable stock sheets from “downstream” processing into finished architectural glass products by our customers themselves.

The acquisition of the new TERRA-G coater has facilitated the swift development and production of the innovative new range of SOLITE DOUBLE SILVER, ELITE SOLAR-LOW-E coating on clear and classic ST range of solar control color coating on clear.


To be the most esteemed in the glass industry for delivering top-class, innovative glass products in a timely manner, with the best quality and in an increasingly strengthened, widened and respected presence on the world map.


As a pioneer in architectural glass coatings in the UAE, our Mission is to increase market penetration in the Gulf and beyond through a flexible approach to diversification and product development in line with Dubai Investments’ mission to facilitate further investments and a platform for continuous growth.

Dubai Investments PJSC

Dubai Investments is a publicly listed UAE based multi-asset investment Group, managing a diverse portfolio of businesses, generating sustainable financial returns to its shareholders. ​

Established in 1995, Dubai Investments is one of the leading investments Group in the UAE, initiating new businesses and partnering with dynamic entities, creating strategic investment opportunities across the region. With more than 15,000 shareholders, a paid-up capital of AED 4.25 billion and total assets worth more than AED 20 billion, the Group applies insight and experience to expand and be a reliable growth driver for businesses within sectors like real estate, building materials, construction & contracting, financial services, healthcare and education among others. The Group’s diverse portfolio consists of over 30+ wholly and partly owned companies. Dubai Investments’ interest and investments reflect the Company’s continued focus on business diversification to drive growth in line with evolving industry trends.​

Focussed on leveraging strengths with an interest in establishing existing and new business opportunities with a long-term, strategic and creative approach and with an emphasis on sustainable returns and capital growth, Dubai Investments collaborates on investment strategies meeting the changing needs of the economy and the societies in which it operates. Complementing the strategic objectives and creating value for stakeholders, the Group pursues growth through mergers and acquisitions and business expansions.​