EmiCool® Plus T Series

EmiCool® Plus T is a MSVD sputtered Low-E glass with a nominal light transmission of 65% on extra clear and 63% on clear glass. The coating is ultra-thin and retains the appearance of clear or tinted glass. It is ideal for applications requiring subdued colours, low reflectance and abundant daylight. EmiCool® Plus T is highly effective in blocking the transmission of heat in the near and far infrared (IR) wavebands and thus provides excellent resistance to ambient conductive heat-transfer (outdoor/indoor temperature difference).

EmiCool® Plus T coating can be used on surface #2 (NE 270T) or #3 of the insulated glass unit (NE 370T). Edge deletion of EmiCool® Plus T is necessary prior to fabrication of insulated units.

It is recommended to Heat Treat Emicool Plus.

Emicool Plus can be curved.


a) Double glazed unit of the same substrate and coating used for the vision glazing can be used as spandrels. To develop opacity an all-over ceramic frit can be applied on surface #4 or alternatively, a shadow-box comprising insulated back-pan with a suitably painted finish may be used.


b) Single glazed EmiCool® High Performance solar control glass to complement the appearance of the

EmiCool® Plus T vision glass, and by using a shadow-box comprising insulated back-pan with a suitably painted finish.