Fencon Mazameer Architectural Design Consultants visited the Emirates Glass factory to see the world of glass processing and the intricate details that goes into creating architectural marvels.

August 8, 2023

Emirates Glass had the pleasure of hosting a distinguished delegation from Fencon Mazameer Architectural Design Consultants at the factory. The visit provided an opportunity for the architects to gain firsthand insights into the intricate world of glass processing and the craftsmanship that underpins the creation of architectural wonders.


The visit was not just about showcasing the cutting-edge technology and expertise at Emirates Glass but also about fostering a deeper understanding of the artistry and precision that goes into crafting architectural marvels. The team from Fencon Mazameer demonstrated keen interest, asking insightful questions that resonated with the passion for architectural innovation.


Emirates Glass expressed its heartfelt gratitude to the Fencon Mazameer team for their visit and their active engagement during the tour. Such interactions with industry professionals serve as a source of inspiration, motivating the company to continuously push the boundaries of what’s possible with glass in architectural design. This visit reaffirmed the importance of collaboration and knowledge exchange in driving progress and innovation in the world of architecture and glass processing.


The visit by Fencon Mazameer Architectural Design Consultants exemplified the spirit of collaboration and knowledge-sharing in the architectural industry. It also showcased the pivotal role that companies like Emirates Glass play in advancing the boundaries of glass technology and architectural design. As both organizations continue to explore new frontiers, such visits serve as a testament to the industry’s commitment to creating innovative and breathtaking architectural wonders.